Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gyven wanted to make a turkey after Kyra got to make one at Speech Therapy this week, so this is what we made at home. Ever since, every time he has paper, Gyven traces his hand and makes a turkey.

Kyra has been switched to a different speech therapist and will be doing therapy with a little boy once a week starting in December. They're very close in speech development, and one is ahead where the other is behind, so hopefully working together they will teach each other as much as the therapist will teach them.

Sidney already outgrew the outfit grandpa sent him for his birthday! He hit a growth spurt right after it arrived, and so he fits best in 24 months pants and 2T shirts now. Next week I'll know exactly how big he is, as his 12 month well check is Wednesday morning. My bathroom scale says he's 30 pounds or so. It's so crazy to think he's already turning one! This year has gone by so fast!

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