Saturday, October 21, 2017

2 years

It always happens. I have every intention of being on top of this thing, and I drop it. It's been 2 years! What has changed?

Firstly we're now a family of 8. Meet Flynn:
He joined us just this September, and we're smitten.

Gyven is 12, and an avid reader and storyteller. He loves writing his stories down and creating elaborate worlds to play in.
Kyra is 11, and also enjoys reading, as well as building elaborate LEGO cities. She also is very much a doting big sister to all her little brothers.
Sidney is 8, and is currently big into LEGO and building with other materials. He is often found using objects not intended for building to make structures and designs.
Nevyn, 6, likes LEGO, too (we're clearly big into LEGO around here), Ninja Turtles and Ninjago and basically if it's a ninja, he's cool with it.
Efrym, now 3, is into Batman, anything his big siblings are into, cars and duplos and his baby brother.

Patrick is still working in the wind power industry, managing site service (keeping the turbines up and running and in good repair). I'm still a stay at home mom, teaching our children at home and doing what I can to keep our very busy house running! Maybe if we're lucky, I'll be back to update again before it's been another 2 years...

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015

A spare moment

Quickly. Nevyn is now 4.


Love him. He's such a fun kid. Very opinionated, thoughtful, clever, curious, funny, sweet. Loves to keep up with his big siblings, but also loves to share special moments with his younger brother. His birthday was heavy on Lego this year. He loves creating fanciful objects out of some unassuming plastic blocks.

Efrym has decided to let me enjoy his babyhood a smidge longer, and is not rushing off to walk just yet. He takes the odd couple steps, but is in no hurry to switch to walking over crawling. I'm holding tight. His first birthday is only a few weeks away.

Patrick and I will celebrate 9 years of marriage on Friday. No time at all, and also forever. I can't imagine this crazy and wonderful life without him.

Friday, July 24, 2015

I did that thing again...

That thing where I try too hard to come up with something to say, and instead say nothing and don't update. Oh, well. Let's try again.


From around Kyra's birthday. All 5 kids in one picture! Not a perfect shot, but those are even more rare than getting all of them in a single shot.


And even more rare, a picture with ME! Okay, not rare if you follow me on instagram, there are regular shots of me and what I have jokingly called my daily babywearing selfie, because most of the time if I am in a picture there, it is because I have Efrym wrapped. Wrapping has turned out to be a lifesaver with Efrym. We've been big fans of babywearing since Kyra was a newborn, but mostly so we could run errands or go places without lugging the bucket car seat (which honestly my kids who have ridden in one have HATED) or trying to navigate a stroller. Every time I have to use a stroller I feel like it is more of an encumbrance than a help to me. Then Efrym turned out to be a very picky napper. The easiest way to get and/or keep him asleep was to wrap him up. And I can reliably get him to nap anywhere. This picture was taken on the 4th of July and Efrym was way past ready for a nap. Popped him on my back and walked around our set up at the park a few times, and he fell asleep and got the nap he needed. I also was able to keep him in the wrap during the fireworks, which meant he handled them a lot more calmly than one would expect a 10 month old to handle them.


And to finish up, this picture was taken on a recent trip to the Amarillo Air and Space Museum. It's a great museum, and the volunteers who keep it running clearly love what they do. They are trying to renovate an old set of buildings at the edge of the airport so they can expand, but they are funded only by donations and a very small grant. We donated a bit more than we would have paid to go there (we were shocked that it was free), and hopefully they can get their renovations, a bigger space and more room to display their unique and interesting collection.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Long time no write

Once again, I am woefully behind.

It just is so easy to say "I have nothing to say" and let it go. And go. Or "I have so much to say, how can I make one post?" Or worse "It has been too long, there is no point in writing now." All of which is bull. If I really put in the effort, I could find something to say quite often. And if I get behind, well, say what needs to be said and continue from where we are.

So, minor updates.

Gyven and Kyra and Sidney continue to be home schooled and are amazing in how imaginative, unique and special they are. Nevyn is blossoming as we near in on 4 into a very funny, clever and quick child. Efrym is a wonderful baby who loves discovering everything and is closing in on walking and talking with a quickness that astonishes me. I'm not ready for him to be a toddler anytime soon, but it is coming whether I wish it or not. I am trying to enjoy these fleeting months while I have them.

Hopefully I can come back and really keep up with this. I know I should.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

The crew was quite a collection this year! We have Vitruvius (from the Lego Movie), Elsa (like at least 50% of the little girls we saw around!), a Stormtrooper, a construction worker (or as Nevyn says "struction site wor-er"), and a baby mummy. I think this picture captured the kids' personalities a lot better than some of the more "perfect" shots with neat smiles and everyone looking at the camera. Efrym was not impressed with any of it, as he has a bit of a cold. Babies with colds are some of the most miserable creatures. He only wants to sleep being held. He slept in the Boba (baby carrier) most of the hour we trick or treated.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

So I do this thing...

I always swear I am going to get better about blogging here. And then I don't. What can you do?

A quick catch up. We moved. Twice. We also added a 7th member to the family just weeks before moving the second time. Meet Efrym:
August 28th, 2:07 am, 8lb 13oz, 21.5 inches. He's a snuggly love and Nevyn is just smitten.
And life marches on! I've been homeschooling, which is quite a trick with 3 school age kids, a preschooler and a newborn plus moving!

Here's to more content in the future and hoping I quit neglecting it so much!