Monday, November 22, 2010

Neglecting this again!


Gyven turned 6, and we had the first snowfall of the year since the last time I posted! The kids have been FASCINATED by the snow. Gyven and Kyra keep asking if the snow means it's Christmas, or at least time to put up the tree (the answer to both questions is a very solid 'no'). Sidney is both fascinated with, amused by and terrified of the snow. We took him and Kyra outside today while Gyven was in school, and Sidney would laugh and run around, having a great time, until he actually touched the snow. Then he was absolutely horrified. "Wet!!!!!!" He doesn't yet say 'cold' or I assume he would have said that, instead! Instead of pulling himself up when he fell in it, he just laid there and cried "Wet!" until Patrick or I would pick him up and brush him off, and then he wanted nothing more than to go inside. Then as soon as he warmed up, he was desperate to go back outside. So much so, that when Patrick opened the door, Sidney dashed out with his jacket and gear still off, and promptly fell into the snow again, with yet more wails of "Wet!"