Monday, August 3, 2015

A spare moment

Quickly. Nevyn is now 4.


Love him. He's such a fun kid. Very opinionated, thoughtful, clever, curious, funny, sweet. Loves to keep up with his big siblings, but also loves to share special moments with his younger brother. His birthday was heavy on Lego this year. He loves creating fanciful objects out of some unassuming plastic blocks.

Efrym has decided to let me enjoy his babyhood a smidge longer, and is not rushing off to walk just yet. He takes the odd couple steps, but is in no hurry to switch to walking over crawling. I'm holding tight. His first birthday is only a few weeks away.

Patrick and I will celebrate 9 years of marriage on Friday. No time at all, and also forever. I can't imagine this crazy and wonderful life without him.