Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We spent last weekend in McMinnville, Oregon with some of Patrick's family. Apparently we don't know how to get in closer for family pictures. We spent most of Saturday at the Evergreen Aviation and Aerospace Museum, this picture was inside the aerospace portion of the museum. The kids had a wonderful time playing with their 2nd cousins and visiting with their grandma and great grandma.

Sidney has cut tooth number 7, and is trying his hardest to stand unsupported. It's not working out so far, but he's trying.

The weather has cooled off again, and it may be that summer is already over here in Washington. We had one last really hot day over the weekend, and since then it's barely broken 70.

Not a lot planned here this week, but next week Kyra has her speech evaluation, which I'm hoping will really give us some direction. The whole month of September is pretty busy for Kyra and Gyven with doctors and dentist visits, hopefully it's all a smooth run!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All fluff, no substance

I am running around today, trying to clean and pack before we are supposed to leave Friday morning to meet Patrick's family in Oregon for the weekend, so I'm just going to post a few pictures this week!