Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sidney's cardiology appointment last week went well, his heart is great and he's been cleared until the fall, tho we'd have been cleared for the year if we weren't going to move before then (doc wanted him seen one last time by their clinic so we wouldn't come up to his next appointment time in the middle of getting settled after we ETS). The only thing we saw that wasn't so good is Sidney has poor drainage from his ears, so we're being referred for an ENT specialist appointment to see if we should do anything about that.

Less than a week until Patrick should be on his way home for R&R!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nothing too exciting


Nothing too much going on around these parts. The kids are doing okay, both Gyven and Kyra got positive quarterly IEP progress reviews from their teachers at school, and Sidney is growing and learning more and more everyday. It's more and more apparent all the time that he is not a little baby anymore, but a big and smart toddler. He has a cardiology appointment on Thursday and I expect it to be as uneventful as those have been since last summer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sewing and vacation

I think the eyepatch really completes this outfit, don't you? This is the third dress I made for Kyra for this summer. I have been so frustrated with what is available in stores. Either it's too short, too revealing (I don't do halter tops or spaghetti straps) or just plain ugly. So this is plan B. I'm rather pleased with how it's turned out.

We're getting very excited for R&R, as Patrick should be home for it in just a few weeks. We've planned a short vacation to the Oregon coast, and have reserved a room with a gorgeous ocean view. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the kids can enjoy the beach!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Teeth and other things


Gyven lost his first tooth this weekend! When he woke up Saturday morning and found the quarter the tooth fairy left him under his pillow he ran around excitedly yelling "I got a money!" for quite a while. I took him to the toy store to pick out a small something later on (mommy made up the difference between the 25 cents and the $5 lego set he wanted, which was my plan all along, I wasn't leaving a $5 bill under his pillow!). After that we ran to the fabric store to buy patterns and fabric to make Kyra some summer dresses, since I'm not liking anything I've seen in the stores this year. I've got one finished, and the pieces cut out for a second.

Tomorrow the older two go back to school after way too much time off, and we are all excited to go back to our usual routines!