Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sidney is a big baby!

Sidney had his 6 months well baby visit today. He did just fine, and is a whopping 22lbs (roughly 10 kgs) and 26.75 (67.5 cms) tall! He's doing so well! We have to schedule a separate visit to see his cardiologist and get his vaccines, as the office did not want to do these vaccines even just the 3 days early. Okay by me, if I can do both the same day, all the better.

Gyven and Kyra are scheduled for their well child visits next week.

The picture is from Friday, Sidney's first time in a swing. He was very impressed!

Monday, May 25, 2009

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Patrick and Gyven are off on another hike today, while Kyra, Sidney and I hold the fort here at the house. After the last 2 mile adventure I have a feeling I'll keep Kyra home unless it's all flat trails or she suddenly becomes less accident prone. She's about as graceful as me, and that's really not beneficial to long tramps over hilly wooded trails. She fell pretty hard on the hike and needed to be carried a good portion of the remaining hike and being at least 35 pounds she's just too heavy for that!

So while they are hiking Kyra has made me some very pretty scribbles and Sidney is reminding me that since he is now awake from his nap he needs my 100% undivided attention. We'll see how well that goes.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I know what to do!

My dad kind of hinted that he wanted to read my blog. Since I'm not sure I'm okay with that, since my other blog is more like my diary, meet the new and improved, Daddy friendly faerieflings!

So, to start, this is what the kids are up to:

Gyven is getting more communicative, but still struggles with some concepts. He can count to 20 well, and we recently started teaching him 21-30 and we've tested the waters of reading. He's starting to recognize that when the letters line up in the same order it always means the same thing.

Kyra is dressing herself! Her combinations are sometimes wacky (jeans with a frilly dress and winter boots, don't worry, we make her change if it isn't weather or venue appropriate), but she loves to do it and is always very proud of herself. She's working on toilet training, too (I expect her to be 100% out of diapers by midsummer including overnight).

Sidney has cut his first two teeth and is working very hard on crawling and sitting up. He has had his first tastes of solid food and is not dismissive, but not exactly excited. He likes his biter biscuits, as things to chew on are best.

See, daddy? I can totally write a blog for you to read. :D I even included a picture.