Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gyven is FIVE

Gyven loves birthdays, and he was over the moon when he realized that it was HIS birthday. He was very happy with his cupcakes and his presents, and we got to see Patrick on webcam this morning, which was great.

I finally have the kids enrolled in hourly care as of yesterday so I can get my respite hours. Monday morning they're going for 3 hours and I have an appointment to get my hair done for the first time since March of 2008! Sidney is now walking well, and is walking more than crawling. He got to try a little cupcake today and was very impressed. Now if only he would sleep! He hardly napped all day until 7pm, when he got a solid 45 minutes or an hour, and now he is just settling at 10:30 at night. Normally he is out for the night by 9:30.

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