Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sidney's diaper here's outer layer is made from the same material as his daddy's ACUs, and we borrowed his patrol cap for this picture. We cloth diaper for lots of reasons (from economical to skin sensitivities), and one of the later reasons we added to the pile was the cuteness factor. In my opinion there's not much cuter than a sweet baby in a cloth diaper. Sidney has made a few milestones this week, he's tried taking a single step, started standing alone without encouragement, and waving. Gyven and Kyra are both only a few interviews away from being enrolled in school before the end of the semester. I'm looking forward to them getting to interact with more people and learn some new things.

We've spent the last week preparing for Patrick to deploy early tomorrow morning, and it's been busy. We're hoping the whole thing goes smoothly, tho at this point he may be bumped to the next flight at the end of October. We won't know for sure until the morning.

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