Friday, October 2, 2009

Patrick was bumped. He'll be home a little longer, tho deployed before the end of the month. Right now it's just a matter of when, tho we don't expect to have him home more than a few more weeks.

Today we took the kids to Build-A-Bear to pick out a deployment bear for each one, to cuddle while daddy is gone. It's usually our birthday activity to visit build-a-bear, but we decided to make a special exception.

We've heard back from the school district, and now we're just waiting on them to evaluate Gyven and Kyra and determine their eligibility and placement. Right now the soonest they could be in a classroom is sometime in November, just because we're going to have to wait a bit for an available evaluation time. Gyven and Kyra are both very anxious to get into school, Gyven has been asking about it constantly since we turned in the paperwork to the school district!

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