Monday, July 27, 2009

Too hot, way too hot.

It is currently 91 degrees, and I have no air conditioner. Perfect post to talk about my knitting, right? The blanket Sidney has was started last September, with the intention to finish before he was born. That didn't exactly work out. In fact, it sat 2/3 completed from the end of October until just a few weeks ago, when I decided to complete the last section once and for all. I bound off, seamed and washed it, declaring it completed last Friday night. Since then it's been to hot to even look at my yarn, let alone knit with it, so I haven't made any progress on anything else. I did a lot of knitting this summer, as up until this past week or so, it's been rather cool. In the completed projects pile for July alone there is a sweater, a hat, a pair of socks and the blanket. Not too bad for summer knitting, eh?

Now if only I could fit in my refrigerator, I could knit some more!

Edit: the original pattern for the blanket is from

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