Monday, July 20, 2009


Things got crazy last week. I will give the short version.

This picture is from Organizational Day Activities for Patrick's unit. Gyven is in the yellow, Kyra the green shirt. They went in the bounce house at least a half dozen times.

Patrick is not deploying today. If he goes at all, it will be in October at the earliest. This is wonderful, as we just weren't ready for him to go. He's non-deployable until then for medical reasons.

Kyra needs some pretty extensive dental work. Tomorrow will be her first treatment, where they will be pulling three teeth which have gotten infected, and therefore risk abscess and should not be saved. If there are no adult teeth coming in behind them, when she is older they'll implant some fake teeth in their place.

Sidney recently got his third tooth and has gotten to the separation anxiety phase, which keeps me very busy.

That's that, hopefully I'll do a better job keeping up over here in the future!

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