Friday, July 24, 2015

I did that thing again...

That thing where I try too hard to come up with something to say, and instead say nothing and don't update. Oh, well. Let's try again.


From around Kyra's birthday. All 5 kids in one picture! Not a perfect shot, but those are even more rare than getting all of them in a single shot.


And even more rare, a picture with ME! Okay, not rare if you follow me on instagram, there are regular shots of me and what I have jokingly called my daily babywearing selfie, because most of the time if I am in a picture there, it is because I have Efrym wrapped. Wrapping has turned out to be a lifesaver with Efrym. We've been big fans of babywearing since Kyra was a newborn, but mostly so we could run errands or go places without lugging the bucket car seat (which honestly my kids who have ridden in one have HATED) or trying to navigate a stroller. Every time I have to use a stroller I feel like it is more of an encumbrance than a help to me. Then Efrym turned out to be a very picky napper. The easiest way to get and/or keep him asleep was to wrap him up. And I can reliably get him to nap anywhere. This picture was taken on the 4th of July and Efrym was way past ready for a nap. Popped him on my back and walked around our set up at the park a few times, and he fell asleep and got the nap he needed. I also was able to keep him in the wrap during the fireworks, which meant he handled them a lot more calmly than one would expect a 10 month old to handle them.


And to finish up, this picture was taken on a recent trip to the Amarillo Air and Space Museum. It's a great museum, and the volunteers who keep it running clearly love what they do. They are trying to renovate an old set of buildings at the edge of the airport so they can expand, but they are funded only by donations and a very small grant. We donated a bit more than we would have paid to go there (we were shocked that it was free), and hopefully they can get their renovations, a bigger space and more room to display their unique and interesting collection.

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