Monday, March 22, 2010


We went to the zoo on Sunday, just to get out of the house. The kids were a little stir crazy after all the time at home last week. Gyven and Kyra always love the zoo, and this was Sidney's first time going when he was awake and alert and old enough to really see the animals, and he got a kick out of it! He made a point of pointing out every animal to me as though he were showing me the zoo for the first time, not the other way round!

I've started working out, I'm getting in a "30 Day Shred" workout once a day, and while I haven't lost more than 5 pounds, I am definitely feeling stronger (I went from being able to do 2 push ups to doing 12 at a time in just a week!). It's hard and when I can't squeeze it in during Sidney's nap I inevitably get interrupted mid-movement and have to pause the DVD. Not ideal, but better than nothing, right? I'm hoping that if I'm not through the whole 30 days before R&R that Patrick will play child wrangler for me and make those days easier. I definitely feel better after each day and I'm not dragging so much in those last 60 minutes before the kids go to bed, even if I'm not always able to get the full workout in uninterrupted.

Still no tooth for Gyven, it seems he finds wiggling the tooth to be too uncomfortable to be worth it, so I am waiting for just eating to loosen it enough for it to come out easily with a little tug. It's a shame he doesn't like apples.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Not a whole lot going on lately. The kids have a lot of time off of school in the next few weeks for conferences and then Spring Break, so we're planning to hit up the zoo sometime while they are off. Gyven has decided his wiggly tooth cannot be wiggled at all, so it's still hanging in there. I guess my shooting down the dog idea as a tooth fairy reward lessened the appeal of getting it out!

Still trudging along, not too much going on besides all that time off coming up. We're just keeping busy and doing our thing. Still very excited to see Patrick on R&R, whenever that happens.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've been neglecting the blog again!

Things have been rolling along here. Gyven has his first loose tooth! He's declared that he wants the tooth fairy to bring him a puppy when it comes out, and I'm trying to encourage him to think of something else he wants! I don't need the extra work! Kyra and Sidney have been battling a nasty virus, Kyra ended up spending a day home from school, and Sidney it seems got another double ear infection. Because he had this one so soon after the last, his ped wants his ears looked at when he is totally well, and may refer us to an ENT depending on what he sees. Otherwise Sidney is doing great. At his 15 month well check he weighed in at just a smidge over 29 pounds, 32 inches tall. This actually makes him the shortest and lightest of all three kids at this age despite still being near the top of the charts! He's doing well developmentally, he is on track for physical milestones, and he says mama, dada, hi, nose and up. He's very chatty.

We're still waiting to find out when R&R will be. Patrick, the kids and I are all very impatient to spend our two weeks together! We're not planning on any big things, but we're looking forward to our family time.