Sunday, May 10, 2015

Long time no write

Once again, I am woefully behind.

It just is so easy to say "I have nothing to say" and let it go. And go. Or "I have so much to say, how can I make one post?" Or worse "It has been too long, there is no point in writing now." All of which is bull. If I really put in the effort, I could find something to say quite often. And if I get behind, well, say what needs to be said and continue from where we are.

So, minor updates.

Gyven and Kyra and Sidney continue to be home schooled and are amazing in how imaginative, unique and special they are. Nevyn is blossoming as we near in on 4 into a very funny, clever and quick child. Efrym is a wonderful baby who loves discovering everything and is closing in on walking and talking with a quickness that astonishes me. I'm not ready for him to be a toddler anytime soon, but it is coming whether I wish it or not. I am trying to enjoy these fleeting months while I have them.

Hopefully I can come back and really keep up with this. I know I should.